“Part of the healing process is sharing with other people who care”.
  – Jerry Cantrell 

A word of appreciation from your patient infuses million volts of energy into your system. You become a faster and better version of yourself. Thank you, Colonel!


Dear Dr Kaushal,

I want to place on record the immense gratitude that is brimming in our hearts and the warm feeling when we think of you. The manner in which you handled my Mother-in-Law’s ailment pertaining to Prolapse of Rectum (of 77 years plus), actually made her look forward to the surgery.

The positive vibrations and the great attitude you combine with your super excellent skills in the OT, makes you what you actually are – “simply great”.

I personally enjoyed every conversation and we felt more informed on every aspect; as did my folks at home and everyone here, my Father-in-law; my spouse, my Mother-in-law herself – all of us endorse a very high degree of appreciation for you sir.

The pre-operative treatment, the course of operation which passed by without any tension for us and the intense and intimate post-operative care, has ensured a great amount of peace of mind and health for my Mother-in-Law ; who has completely recovered and is feeling hugely relieved as she goes about her daily routine, as ever before.

It is about three months plus after the surgery and with pride and gratitude I can say, we found the best Doctor possible; thanks to you and to Columbia Asia hospital; we disregarded the otherwise free treatment we could have availed from CGHS for my in-laws and chose to pay; made possible only by your attitude and the confidence you have been able to infuse in your patients.

Sir, Please accept our felicitations and our apprceciation for your skills with the knife and may I on behalf of all our family members at home wish yourself and your family and friends and all the staff you command a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year. We pray to almighty to grant you such opportunities that the greater humanity can benefit from your talent and may he also bless you with such success that you so very richly deserve to be known globally as the best doctor ever.

Please do let us know if we can be of any service to you in any manner – shall be available to you..
Warm Regards,

Colonel KV Kuber
Indian Army Veteran